Eight mistakes you’re making when contacting sponsors December 14, 2015

Don’t fall at the first hurdle. Make sure you’re not guilty of these eight mistakes drivers so often make when contacting sponsors. Being too casual An initial contact email full of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes is going to impress no one. Similarly if you use chat speak (does anyone still do that?) or come across too familiar, you’re going to put a business off from pursuing a professional relationship with you. Being too formal Unfortunately, you can go too…

The ultimate guide to picking up sponsors for racing drivers November 11, 2015

I hear many drivers lament about the fact that no one gets anywhere in British motorsport without a ton of money. I sympathise with that because a lot of successful drivers have been backed by family money and even at the pinnacle of single seater motorsport – Formula One – some drivers still have to buy their way into a seat. However, my business mind then kicks in and I realise that the drivers who don’t have a lot of…

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