Events Hospitality, charity, and brand events

We all like a party and we can organise everything from race hospitality through to events for your sponsors.

While not strictly relevant to your racing career, these can help build your profile and can act as incentives for getting new sponsors on board.

Types of events we organise

Race hospitality

This often includes:
- Food and drink for your guests
- Motorhome or marquee hire
- Branded gifts for your guests
- A space to network/meet

Charity events

If you work with a charity as an ambassador or your sponsors require a corporate social responsibility event, we can help.

Meet and greets

Events to build interest with the local and motorsport press. This could be as simple as coffee with your local newspaper, or something as exciting as hot laps for the press at race weekends and track days.

Speaking engagements

These are great for building your profile as an athlete and racing driver. These kinds of events are also fantastic to offer to a potential sponsor.

race hospitality

Get in touch

If you'd like to discuss a specific event or would like to get an idea of what it might cost for us to organise one for you, email jess@turneight.co.uk.

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