So you want to become a sponsor? Information for brands looking to work with racing drivers and teams

Sponsoring a driver or team is about so much more than getting your logo in front of spectators and on the television. It's about seeing your brand in the press, getting exclusive access to race weekends, having drivers promote your brand at events, and so much more.

Whatever you're looking for, we can help you to find the right driver to work with and can even negotiate packages that benefit everyone.

What you can get from sponsorship

Brand ambassadors

Having a driver act as a brand ambassador can get you press coverage, social mentions and generate a buzz around your brand. As brand ambassadors drivers can also host events, give talks, give quotes to be used in press releases, and much more to help promote what you do.

Advertising on race cars and teamwear

The exposure varies hugely depending on what series you sponsor and where on a car you'd like to see your logo but there's the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of people both at races and on television. The right driver can boost this with social mentions, press coverage and photography.


Access to hospitality at race weekends can be a great way to get close to the action but it's also fantastic for brand who want to wine and dine clients in an exciting VIP environment.

Exclusive content and photography

Working with a racing driver or team can give you all sorts of exciting content for your website. Drivers can act as models, show off your products at race weekends and event write exclusive content for your blog.


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If you're interested to find out how sponsoring a driver can help your business, we can give you all sorts of information from case studies through to testimonials from sponsors. We're more than happy to build specific sponsorship packages that benefit drivers and brands alike.

There's no one-size-fits-all approach here, everything we do is bespoke. We'll also help you to measure your return on investment and will be on hand throughout your relationship with a driver or team to help everyone get the most out of your partnership.

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